Lori’s Spring Garden Planting Tips

It’s known as HOTlanta for a reason, y’all! Atlanta is hot as crap in the summer, so I get most of my gardening done in the spring. This month is no exception, and once Bridals by Lori closed because of COVID-19 early last month, I spent that extra time preparing my spring garden. I find gardening to be extremely therapeutic and relaxing, and Chloe and I love watering our flower pots together. Gardening is not only relaxing, but it’s also a great workout. From lifting bags of fertilizer and raking the soil, to walking throughout the yard taking in Vitamin D.  


Every spring, I spend hours at my local nursery selecting flowers and plants. I have gorgeous oversized pots flanking my front door and then around my back deck where I plant lots of red geraniums and creeping jenny for filler. In my front beds, I plant solid pink and red dark leaf begonias. I like to do the front of my house in pink in honor of all us ladies facing and fighting breast cancer. In the back beds, I plant red begonias;  while under our deck, I plant impatiens in the shade.

  • Here are some tips to get you started on your spring garden:

    • Use what works in your climate – Spend some time researching which plants and flowers thrive in your region, so you know which plants will work best in your garden. Better Homes & Gardens is a fantastic resource, this map that outlines the top native plants by region is helpful.  


    • Make your fertilizer – There are so many great fertilizers out on the market, you should reach out to your local nursery for recommendations. Lots of people like to use compost to help their gardens grow, in addition to brand name fertilizers. I’ve been using a special mixture of Epson salt and Miracle Grow passed down to me years ago by my old friend Dottie. I’ve learned so much about gardening from Dottie, who worked at my store for years and tended to all of the plants at Bridals by Lori. It pays to find a friend who shares in your hobby, so you can benefit from their tips and tricks! 



      • Invest in the right tools – Gardening does not have to be an expensive hobby, and you also don’t need to clutter up your gardening shed with tools and equipment you probably won’t use. Start small and get the basics: a trowel, pruning shears, a lightweight shovel, rake, watering can, and a good pair of gardening gloves is key. These women’s gardening gloves from Bionics is highly rated and a great all-purpose glove. 
      • Sun Protection – It’s so easy to forget to cover up when we’re outside gardening, especially on cloudy days, but that’s when the sun’s rays can be most damaging. Protect yourself by wearing comfortable gardening clothing with UV sun protection. This UV protection paper hat from Uniqlo gives you maximum sun protection and is also really lightweight, perfect for us Southern gardeners. Get yourself fashionable and functional gardening gear from the Duluth Trading Company; how cute are these gardening overall shorts? Make sure you put on a thick layer of your favorite sunscreen too, I love Coola’s SPF in 50+ and always reapply on extra sweaty days. 

      Have you started planting your spring garden yet? Share with us some of your favorite gardening tips in the comments!

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