Valentine’s Day Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Relationship

When you’ve spent 40 years together, the whole concept of romance has evolved along with your entire relationship. Eddie and I are college sweethearts, and our love has grown stronger over the years. But we work hard at our relationship; we worked to make time for each other early on when Mollie and Cory were little children and my business was still growing.


Making time for each other didn’t always look like it does now, where we have a lot more financial freedom and an empty nest. Sometimes, it was just a couple of minutes to catch up with each other over a cold dinner after the kids were asleep, while other times it was a coveted night out at the movies where we struggled to stay awake while sharing a tub of popcorn.


Even with such a strong connection, we’re constantly looking for ways to keep that spark in our relationship alive. That spark can oftentimes grow dim especially as you care for aging parents, an ill partner, work pressures, and that unexpected pitch-in night with the grandkids when your children need help. It can all take a big toll on your marriage.


This Valentine’s Day, consider some of these ideas to rejuvenate your relationship. Whether you’re homebodies like us or you prefer to paint the town red, these activities will help you put a little romance back into your relationship:

  • Flirt – I still love flirting with my husband and I highly recommend it! Think you’ve forgotten how it’s done? Try leaving little love notes around the house, in his golf bag, even on the car dashboard. Slip a couple of small chocolates in with his lunch or leave one on his pillow at night like you’re in a fancy hotel. For Valentine’s Day, I also like to buy Eddie a couple of smaller, unexpected gifts; these little flirty surprises go a long way!
  • Date Night at Home – Eddie and I are homebodies and we love to spend a quiet night together at home. We like to cook together (although we all know I’m not the best cook), and I try to find something chocolate and decadent to make for dessert. Try any one of these easy to make, delicious Valentine’s Day sweets from Midwest Living and I guarantee you’ll rush through the meal and go straight to dessert. 
  • Date Night Out Dancing – We fell in love with shag dancing during our college days in South Carolina, and Valentine’s Day is such a great opportunity to take a walk down memory lane. We tap into those special moments from our youth when we were first falling in love! I think dancing is such an intimate way to reconnect with our partners. Whether you want to spice things up on the dance floor with a salsa night or you’re more traditional and prefer ballroom dancing, it’s still a great date night activity. Even if you’ve got two left feet, just laugh through the movements and enjoy being physically close again.


    • Valentine’s Day Gifts – Gift-giving on Valentine’s Day is a great way to reconnect with your soulmate. This year put some extra thought into what your partner would want to receive that would benefit your relationship. Sure, jewelry and roses are a holiday staple but think about something extra that both of you might enjoy. I love that Valentine’s Day is on Friday this year! Why not spend a romantic weekend away together? Go out to wine country or book a weekend spa getaway where you leave your phone in your hotel room’s lockbox and spend uninterrupted time together.
    • My Funny Valentine – I love a man I can laugh with. Eddie and I make each other laugh all the time, and it’s one of the qualities I enjoy most about us as a couple. This Valentine’s Day, watch a funny movie or listen to a hilarious podcast that will have you both in stitches. Laughter brings people together, no matter how long that’s been.
    • Make Time to Make Out – The best part of being an empty nester is not worrying about being caught while sharing an intimate moment in the kitchen. Really, when was the last time you and your partner just kissed? If it’s been a while, then this is the tip for you! Curl up on the couch after your romantic dinner and enjoy some sweet kisses; I promise it will make you both feel like you did when you first started dating.

    How do you keep the connection strong in your relationship? Share some tips with us in the comments!

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