Valentine’s Day at Home Date Night Ideas 

I’ll admit, I haven’t always wanted to spend Valentine’s Day out on the town. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of holidays when Eddie and I got dressed to the nines and spent a romantic evening dancing the night away at our favorite restaurant. We’ve had many memorable Valentine’s Day weekends away where we unplugged and just reconnected with one other. But being in the wedding industry means that the lead up to Valentine’s Day is one of the most hectic.


At Bridals by Lori, February 14th always fills me with so much relief and happiness knowing that our Valentine’s Day brides are walking down the aisle in their dream gowns. I get such a rush when I see a bride falling in love with the most important dress she’ll ever wear. Before our Valentine’s Day weddings, we’ve already dealt with any last-minute alterations, bridal party dramas, and accessory swaps hours before the big day. By the time I get home, sometimes all I have the energy for is to call in a dinner order from our favorite Italian restaurant, pour us glasses of white wine, and have Eddie rub my aching feet in front of our fireplace with Chloe curled up on my lap. For me, spending Valentine’s Day at home with the love of my life is just as special.  


This year, we’re going to be spending Valentine’s Day at home because it’s the safest option for us. Given our age and the fact that both of us are cancer survivors, we have already received the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, but we’re not taking any chances. Since we haven’t done much socializing out of the house this year, I want to make Valentine’s Day extra special.


Y’all know I love the holiday season, so I’ve been planning for a romantic celebration at home since New Year’s Day!  Since Eddie reads my blog, I’m not going to divulge too much, but here are some great Valentine’s Day date night ideas for you to celebrate with your love at home.




Lori and Eddie Allen celebrate Valentine's Day at home in Atlanta, GA
Lori Allen with Chloe, her other Valentine!


      • Couples cooking classes – While I much prefer for someone else to do the cooking for me, I love that Michelin starred Chefs are taking to the internet to offer fun and interactive cooking classes. There are so many great options on Masterclass from cooking basics with Wolfgang Puck  to the Date Night cooking series at Sur La Table.


      • Couples Spa Day –Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year, and if you’re able to take the day off, I highly recommend creating an indulgent, at-home spa experience for two. You can hire a masseur to come to your home to give you couples massages, or purchase some of your favorite scented oils, candles, and bubble bath and switch off pampering each other! Gift yourself and your paramour matching robes and slippers and then spend the rest of the day just relaxing together.


      • Laughing with your Love – Eddie and I just love to laugh, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. This year, we’re looking forward to curling up on the couch for a comedy marathon of some of our favorite stand-up comedians. Netflix has some of the funniest shows out there, but you can also search on Eventbrite to find a virtual Valentine’s Day comedy show that will make you laugh until you cry.


      • Indoor Picnic – When was the last time you took your partner on a picnic? Depending on the weather in your State, an outdoor picnic might not be possible, so why not take it inside? Spread out a blanket, pack a wicker basket with your favorite goodies and a bottle of bubbly, then kick off your shoes and reminisce about some of your favorite picnics together. Don’t forget to treat yourselves to some chocolate fondue for dessert! Fill your basket with eco-friendly paper goods and no one has to do the dishes, which is a win.


      • Backyard Romance – You don’t need acres of land to create a romantic, Valentine’s Day date in your backyard. Hang some fairy lights and order some heat lamps to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Light a bonfire and make s’mores or curl up with some beers and an outdoor slideshow of some of your happiest vacation memories together. If the sky is clear, do a little star gazing while planning your post-COVID travel destination. Order an outdoor miniature golf set or play horseshoes for a fun game night activity!

      What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Share with us your favorite at-home date night ideas in the comments!

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