Twelve Years a Bride


I am blessed that Bridals by Lori has been so busy lately, that we needed to hire additional consultants to help with our brides and bridal parties. Y’all met Brieawna and Alexis at the beginning of this episode, and it was baptism by fire for them both out on the floor, as they faced their first set of challenges. Fortunately, Monte and I were on hand to help put out those fires and put some smiles on all those faces. 

Chontelle’s Story –  Chontelle has been dreaming about her wedding day for twelve years! That’s a really long-time folks, and you know she walked in with a clear vision of what she wanted in a gown. She showed Brieawna a photo of her dream gown, a stunning Allure Couture gown that was five years old. We could just feel her heartbreak when we told her that we no longer carried that particular style. It’s out with the old and in with the new in bridal fashion, and our gowns really only stay in stock for less than a year. We were so concerned that we were going to have a disappointed bride on our hands, that Monte and I helped Brieawna look through thousands of gowns to find a replacement for the one she had her heart set on. Not being able to get a bride out of the dressing room was really a first for us, as Chontelle tried on so many beautiful options that unfortunately missed the mark. Until we found the perfect Allure Couture replacement, that had all of the elements she was looking for: delicate lace, sparkle bodice, sexy but still tasteful, and a dramatic plunging back. Once we got her all jacked up, Chontelle was crying tears of joy and we were thrilled that we were able to create this new bridal vision.

Maddie’s Story –  Country music made a splash on the bridesmaid’s floor as our bride Maddie brought her impressive entourage including her singing partner Tae, to shop for bridesmaids dresses. Maddie is just so sweet y’all, and we were impressed that her directive was really that her bridesmaids should feel beautiful in their dresses. But that can be tricky, we wanted to make sure that Maddie was also happy with the end result, and that her bridal party still had some sort of cohesive element that ties them all together. Alexis teamed up with Ashlen and together they really pulled together a number of stunning bridesmaids dresses that everyone loved.

Cristina’s Story – Finally, we met our Venezuelan bride Cristina, who purchased her gorgeous glittered wedding gown eight months ago. With less than a month until the big day, Liz got to work on the final dress alterations. But Cristina was concerned that all that bling would end up on the floor before she walked down the aisle, and Liz being the consummate professional, did her very best to manage expectations and please our bride. We literally had to handle this one with kid gloves but to see the joy on Cristina’s face as she sparkled on her wedding day in spite of some personal hardship, made all the difference.

Folks – there is one episode left in this season as we count down to the finale. The season finale includes my accident which is very hard for me to relive; tune in on Saturday night, April 25th, at 8/9:00 p.m. Central on TLC.

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