Themed Easter Basket Ideas

Easter celebrations might be a little bit different this year, but one thing that will stay the same is my themed Easter basket gifts for my grandkids. Each year, I like to surprise my grandkids with a beach-themed Easter basket as a countdown to our annual summer family beach trip. Since I love to make personalized gifts for my loved ones, I started putting together these Easter baskets early last month so I could ship them to Caroline and Charli and baby Jack as an Easter morning surprise.

I had the best time putting together the girls’ Easter basket, complete with a beach bag, bathing suit, wrap, flip flops, float, monogrammed beach towel, sunscreen, and a few fun toys. For baby Jack, I filled his basket with an SPF shirt, sunscreen, bathing suit, towel, organic baby food, float, and a few fun books. We start the countdown to summer vacation on Easter morning and the excitement just builds from there!

I love themed Easter baskets; they are such a personal and fun way to celebrate the holiday with the kids. Whether you’re looking for new ideas for Easter baskets for your children, or you’d like to send a fun themed Easter basket to your grandkids, get inspired with these themed basket ideas (candy not included):


      Do you have a favorite themed Easter basket for your kids/grandkids? Share with us in the comments!

      Until next time,

      Lori Allen