Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


It was really hard for me to sit through the season finale and hear the audio recording of my fall. It was such a freak accident, I just slipped on a nude piece of fabric that blended into the hardwood flooring. In those seconds as I was falling, I tried my best to maneuver my body to lessen the impact but while my mind was screaming at me to land on my knees, my instincts kicked in and I put my hands out. I just remember landing hard on my face and my wrists shattering, and before I passed out from the pain, I just knew that I was in really bad shape.

Mollie had to cut short a family vacation to rush back to Atlanta to help me get through my surgery. I literally couldn’t do anything for myself, y’all. That was probably the hardest part; I am so self-sufficient, to not be able to use the bathroom or brush my teeth by myself was humbling. I thought I had learned a lot of life lessons during my breast cancer battle, but this accident brought new challenges that reminded me that life is just so fragile, and I need to count my blessings. 

From my family to my team at the store, everyone mobilized to get me through this crisis. I was sad that we had to cut this season short, but also beyond proud of Monte and my amazing staff at Bridals by Lori, who stood up to the plate in my absence. After my surgeries and rehabilitation, it was great to celebrate my return with Monte and the girls. We saged the salon to chase away any residual bad energy and I thanked everyone for keeping the store going in my absence. I couldn’t be more grateful that I get to walk my salon floor again… in stilettos.

Toya’s Story –  I got to hear about Toya’s appointment from Robin and Monte and I was just crushed for her when her bridesmaids left to go shopping for themselves as she was trying on wedding gowns. Every bride wants to walk out of that dressing room for the first time and see those reactions from their loved ones; it’s such an important part of gown shopping! I was happy to see how apologetic they were and Toya looked stunning, she chose a gown that fit her body and vision perfectly. Our brides and bridesmaids both rarely get dresses on the same day, but it helped that Toya was clear on her vision for her bridal party. After trying on a couple of styles, Toya also said yes to a stunning mermaid, sequined off-the-shoulder flutter sleeve gown by Theia.

Kayla’s Story – Ashlen worked in tandem with Nikky to outfit a bridal party based on color choice alone. Kayla is such a sweet bride who shocked us all when she showed up with a mannequin clad in the groom’s suit. That has never happened to us before, but we always know how to rise to a challenge. Ashlen and Nikky pulled every single shade of blue that we had in our stock and the bridal party tried on dress after dress until finally, Kayla spotted the perfect shade of mist. When you’re dealing with an outdoor wedding in Atlanta, you have to almost have a plan B in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Sadly for Kayla, the weather washed away her dream of an outdoor wedding, but the local community rallied and the wedding was held in a beautiful church. The entire bridal party looked stunning, and Kayla was just radiant.

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