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This summer seemed to just fly by, hasn’t it? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were opening the beach house, hosting our grandchildren, and preparing for months of relaxation in the sand and surf. Now here we are, with most kids already back to school for a couple of weeks, and there are only a few more summer sunsets ahead before the season’s change and we welcome fall.

I have enjoyed every minute of this summer. I feel like we made up for the past two years of pandemic uncertainty in the span of three months. Our highlights included celebrating many milestone birthdays and anniversaries, topping it off with an amazing Dolly Parton-themed 40th birthday for my daughter, Mollie. It was a night to remember y’all, with plenty of big blonde hair and lots of bling!

I’m going to cherish all of these summer memories for years to come and while I’m a little sad that the seasons are changing, I’m also really excited to look ahead toward fall. F. Scott Fitzgerald once said: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” That quote rings so true, especially for people in my age demographic whose days are no longer structured around kids and school, and work responsibilities.

For so many of us, the shift from summer to fall represents a fresh start. Lots of folks like to wait until January to set their resolutions, but I say why wait? Now’s the perfect time to check in on some of those resolutions you set back in January, or just reevaluate where you are today and decide if you’re ready to make some changes.

This time of year is so reflective for me, and I like to use this time to work on myself and develop some healthy lifestyle choices and changes.

Here are some inspiring ideas to get you motivated for fall and the changing of seasons, especially leading up to the holidays!

Lori Allen plants her fall garden at home in Atlanta, GA


  • Fall into fitness – The relaxed summertime schedule can impact your fitness routine. I know I do my best, but I sometimes find myself skipping my usual morning yoga when the grandkids are around and need me to wake up and make them breakfast! With everyone back to school, I’m ready to get back into my fitness routine. That includes my morning meditation and strength training workouts, and plenty of walks around the neighborhood with Chloe now that the weather is starting to cool off!


  • Make healthier food choices – I’ll admit that I have a little bit of a sweet tooth and who doesn’t like ice cream for dessert after a long day at the beach? Now’s the perfect time to reevaluate some of your summertime eating habits and make some healthier choices. I’m not even talking about weight loss, but I know I feel better when I add more fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins into my diet. Using Shipt has made healthy eating so much easier for me too; I’m able to shop online from the Salon and by the time I get home, there’s a delivery waiting to be unpacked and just bursting with delicious and in-season produce.


  • Check-in with your mental health – I don’t know about y’all, but after a summer spent focusing on everyone else in my family, I’m ready for a little self-care. We Mamas tend to put ourselves on the back burner, especially during family vacations, and once everyone is back to school and in a routine, it’s just easier to check in with yourself. That could be done in so many ways: from a weekly appointment with a professional to walks in nature, a spa day, or even spending time with your hobbies. Whatever you do, make sure you do something good for your mental health.


  • Get a financial checkup – Did you travel this summer or help send the grandkids to sleep away camp and renovate your home? Summertime spending can add up, but the holidays are right around the corner, and you don’t want to feel like you can’t celebrate the way you’d like because of your finances. Now’s a great time to give yourself a little financial checkup to see where you are with your spending; strategize and create a holiday plan so that you know how much you need to save or put away.


  • Schedule that mammogram – October might be breast cancer awareness month, but you do not need to wait until October 1st to schedule a lifesaving mammogram. If you’ve been neglecting your physical health, now’s the time to schedule a checkup with your doctor. Make your physical health a priority today!


  • Nurture something you love – My garden is my happy place and while it’s hard to say goodbye to my gorgeous summer foliage, I’m excited to prepare the soil for my fall planting. All of the wonderful colors of summer have turned brown, so I take the early days of fall to clean out and prepare my flower beds for autumn’s violas, pansies, and snapdragons. I love the way it feels to nurture and grow something beautiful while everything around us is slowly withering away.

Are you excited about the fall season? Share with us your plans in the comments!

Till Next Time,

Lori Allen

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