Skin After 60

Do you look in the mirror and wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self to take better care of your skin, put on sunscreen every day, or drink more water? While we can’t change the past, there are a lot of things we can do to care for our ever changing, mature skin. Our skin changes as we age; oily skin has given way to dry skin, and we’re suddenly noticing more wrinkles, age and sun spots, or just a dull, lackluster looking complexion. 

People stop me all the time to ask what’s my secret to looking years younger than my age? I know it’s because of my skin; while on TV I’m blessed with the aid of great lighting and a fantastic makeup artist, but when the cameras are off, I still focus on feeling and looking my best. I often attribute my youthful glow to my consistent skin care routine (and a little Botox!). And, following my breast cancer battle, my personal care routine and the products I use are even more important to me. 

During treatment, I started really getting in touch with my body. I realized that being healthy meant more than just eating right and exercising, it also meant finding the right products to nurture my skin. That’s when I discovered Indie Lee, a company founded by a fellow cancer survivor, who has created a line of skin care products that use antioxidants and healthy ingredients that are also paraben, formaldehyde and sulfate free. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Sometimes the best skin care routine is a simple one, and I use just a handful of products that work best for my skin type today.  It’s really all about finding the right products and making sure you stick to a consistent routine for the best results. 

Here’s what I use daily to keep my skin looking fresh, clean, and glowing!


I start and end my day using the Purifying Face Wash by Indie Lee, which is an antioxidant foaming facial cleanser.  It’s gentle while removing makeup, sunscreen and whatever builds up at the end of each day. I’m left with soft, smooth skin that just glows!


The COQ-10 Toner by Indie Lee is so refreshing on my skin; I softly mist it on before moisturizing and love the soothing qualities in the aloe and chamomile while the Vitamin C protects my skin from the elements.   


Most women in our age bracket are fighting dry skin, and I’ve found the Squalane Facial Oil by Indie Lee to be a fantastic solution! Made from non-pore clogging squalane, a derivative of olive oil, it’s easily absorbed and leaves your skin feeling hydrated. 

Coola sunscreen


Classic Face Coola Organic Sunscreen in SPF 50 is my every day go-to facial sunscreen. Many non-chemical sunscreens go on pasty and thick, while chemical sunscreens have ingredients that are just not healthy for our skin. This sunscreen is strong enough to protect my skin from harmful UV rays while lightweight and sheer, so I don’t feel weighed down and greasy. As we age, it’s also important to pick a higher SPF for maximum sun protection. 

Body Soap

The one product I have been using for years, that I trust on my children and grandchildren, is Ivory soap. It’s free of dyes, parabens and harsh cleansers and has such a subtle scent. There’s a reason why this brand is trusted by generations; the ingredients are timeless and works on anyone ages 6 months – 60+.  

Body Lotion

I love the clean fragrance of Pure Grace by Philosophy, while the blend of aloe, Vitamin E and natural extracts moisturize and hydrates my skin. This is a great product for when the weather changes too, providing that extra coverage to keep dry skin supple and sensuous as we head into winter. 

Night Serum

Our skin rejuvenates and replenishes itself when we sleep, so it’s important to use a product that will give your skin that extra boost. As we age, our skin loses collagen, which results in lackluster looking complexions. The Stem Cell Serum by Indie Lee is what I put on my skin right before I go to sleep; it helps firm up the skin while focusing on boosting collagen to keep skin looking younger, tighter and plumper!  

Do you swear by a specific skin care regimen? Share with us your go-to skin care routine and favorite products in the comments!

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