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This week on episode two of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, Monte and I had our hands full as we juggled our sweet and sensitive 19-year old bride Chasity with her very opinionated entourage! Meanwhile, our bride Madi decided to let her bridesmaid’s dresses dictate the entire tone of the wedding, and Ashlen almost had a mutiny on her hands. While there was lots of drama with our bride Sarah, whose custom designer skirt was stuck in Customs during one of her final gown alterations appointments.

Chasity’s story: Our 19-year-old bride Chasity was just a doll, so excited to try on wedding gowns for the first time. But it was hard for her Mom and Uncle to see her as a bride at such a young age. Monte and I gave her the confidence to stand up to her family when she fell in love with a couture gown that fit her perfectly, and it was time for her to say yes to her dress!

Madi’s story: As a breast cancer survivor, I understood why cancer survivor Madi brought her bridesmaids to our store almost two years before the wedding! Talk about carpe diem. But it was a little misguided to shop for her bridesmaid’s dresses before she even picked out her own dress. And with three really opinionated bridesmaids, Ashlen needed lots of our help directing Madi to take more ownership about what her bridesmaids should wear. In the end, and after lots of options that just didn’t work, all three decided on gorgeous crepe styles by Bill Levkoff and Theia.

Sarah’s story: With three weeks to go until her big day, Sarah came in for one of her final alternations only to discover that her custom skirt was stuck in Customs in India. It was a nail biter for sure, but I did everything I could to make sure that the custom skirt made it in time for the wedding. Fortunately, it arrived in the nick of time and Sarah was just a vision as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.

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