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Hi everyone, it’s Mollie here, and I’m so excited to sit down my mom for an exclusive Q and A session to share all about her NEW book, Say Yes to What’s Next.  We’re so excited that her book Say Yes to What’s Next is now available for pre-order on Amazon, with electronic versions being delivered to your Kindles on July 14th and hard copies shipped to your homes this summer.

We are all living in an age of such uncertainty, and my Mom is that voice you want to listen to in a storm. Say Yes to What’s Next was a labor of love; written in her signature sassy style especially for women over 50 who are looking ahead to the next chapter. In her debut book, my Mom shares tips, advice, and some much-needed tough love to help women embrace this next chapter with passion, excitement, and zest. I had the honor of working on the book alongside her, and I know you’ll all appreciate her honesty and authenticity.

Written as a tome for all women, but especially for Baby Boomers, you’ll experience a wave of emotions as you laugh, cry and relate to Lori’s life’s experiences.  But most importantly, you’ll finish the book feeling inspired and resolved that you can thrive in your next stage of life. 

So, make yourself a pitcher of sweet tea and read on! 

Q: Mom, what inspired you to write this book?

A: This book reflects my passion for empowering other women over age 50 who recognize that there is so much more life waiting for them. We are not the stereotypical women of yesterday; there is a shift in our culture towards women in our age bracket who want to accomplish so much in their lives during what has been deemed their “Golden years”. We aren’t slowing down, on the contrary, we are rising up and we have the means and desires to do so much with our lives. I see this book as a rallying cry for women over 50 for betterment.


Q: Who should read Say Yes to What’s Next?

A: I feel like all women, no matter what age bracket, can relate to aspects of my journey as reflected in this book. In particular, this book was written for all women over age 50 that feel unheard or like they’re expected to fade away once reaching a certain age. This is our chance to be heard. Say Yes to What’s Next is about inspiring women to seize the moment and embrace their lives, bodies, and goals as they approach a new chapter in life that can feel uncertain.


Q: What changes do you hope will happen after people read the book?

A: I would love to see a huge shift in how women over age 50 are portrayed in the media. Right now, mature women have been typically showcased in ads about covering their grey hair, wearing Depends adult diapers, or shilling for arthritis medicine. But women are living longer than ever, are healthier than ever, and are sophisticated and successful. It’s time for brands and the media to begin portraying women over 50 on-screen and beyond in a more positive light that is energetic, optimistic, and beautiful. I also want women over age 50 to feel that they are beautiful, energetic, and optimistic about this next stage of life! That they can and should indulge their desires and passions, that life’s opportunities don’t end because they’ve started getting issues of AARP in the mail. I’d like to see women owning their confidence and embracing this next quarter of their lives.


Q: What was your favorite part of writing this book?

A:  This book tells parts of my personal story that I’ve never shared before, and I’m excited to open up and let people see me and my journey through life so far. Things weren’t always easy for me. Readers may assume things about my life from owning a successful business or being on television, but I’ve had nothing, been scared and afraid, and have fought my way through – just like so many people. Being able to share that with my readers was such a privilege.


Q:  How much of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta is in this book?

A:  There are lots of fun anecdotes about my TV life in this book as well as my relationship with Monte, so fans of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta will not be disappointed. But the book also draws upon my life’s journey: what it was like as a small business owner and a young Mom, what drives me as a female entrepreneur, how I juggle being a wife, mother, and grandmother while also taking care of my aging parents, what it means to be a breast cancer survivor. I draw upon all of these experiences in the book.   


Q: OK, last question! Which chapter was your favorite to write?  

A: You can’t ask me that question! That’s like asking me to pick which one of my children I love the best. The marriage chapter is really special to me and also makes me laugh out loud. I truly enjoyed every aspect of writing this book and I’m just so hopeful that my readers will walk away feeling inspired. 

I hope this Q&A has gotten you intrigued and excited to read Say Yes to What’s Next! My Mom is beyond thrilled that our launch date is right around the corner. Sign up to receive your copy as soon as it’s available on July 14th;  pre-order your copy on Amazon today!

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