New Year Resolution: Give Yourself Grace  

There was a meme circulating towards the end of the holidays that read “when you realize that 2022 is really 2020 too” and I didn’t know whether I should laugh, cry, or do a little bit of both. Yet, here we are, midway through January 2022 and once again we are trapped in another wave of this global pandemic. The difference during this Omicron wave is that we are also dealing with severe pandemic fatigue and the reality that we are still in the middle of a global health crisis with no clear end in sight.

It is just exhausting. But when we rang in the New Year, I was positive and ready to push through it all. To put my best foot forward as we struggled to keep all our families and staff healthy and safe, and the doors open at the Salon. We listened to the ever-changing guidance and instructions from the CDC, which changes so fast it makes my head spin. So, we just do our best, say our prayers, and continue to try to navigate the new normal of our pandemic era lives.

And then my Granddaughter Charlotte was involved in a horrific car crash a couple of weeks ago, and everything changed. She was riding home in the back seat of an SUV driven by a family friend from cheer practice when a truck ran the red light and rear-ended them. My granddaughter’s friend was thrown from the vehicle and was unconscious, while Charlotte was at the point of impact and unconscious at the scene. It is an absolute miracle from God that no one was killed; I have seen the wreckage and I honestly do not know how anyone walked away from it.

Charlotte sustained significant injuries that have left her with difficulty walking and must undergo some rigorous PT as she relies on a walker to get around. The concussion has affected her eyesight as well and she suffers from headaches. She is such a strong fighter though, and she is doing exactly what she needs to do to get herself better. She is taking time to rest while working with a therapist to help with emotional and physical healing. It will be a journey and she is surrounded by so much love and support but is looking forward to returning to her friends, her school, and the cheer team.

    Lori Allen and her granddaughter Charlotte in Atlanta, GA
    Lori Allen's granddaughter Charlotte
    • While I was dealing with this personal crisis, I realized that so many of us have forgotten what we learned to do during quarantine. We have become so focused on getting back the year we lost while in lockdown, that we’ve abandoned some of the lessons and habits we adopted when we sheltered at home. We’ve forgotten how to slow down, breathe, forgive ourselves, invest in ourselves, and most importantly, give ourselves grace during this challenging time of our lives.

      Charlotte’s accident hit home for me, and it made me reevaluate some of my New Year resolutions. I’ll be honest, the list was jam-packed with so many things that I’m hoping to accomplish this year! I’m a natural go-getter and goal setter, and y’all know that I’m not one to use age as an excuse to slow down. I’m still as motivated as ever to continue my mission to spread awareness about breast cancer, to grow with my business, all while being the best daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, pawrent, and friend that I can be.

      Then I took a deep breath, said my prayers, and rearranged my schedule so I could be there for my family. I reexamined my calendar and made sure that I was building in enough time for myself too because investing in myself with self-care is not an indulgence, but rather a necessity.

      Once I knew that Charlotte was on the road to recovery, I took Chloe for a walk around the neighborhood. It’s a walk that we do every day, but this time, I added in a few more minutes for myself. I took the time to appreciate the crisp, cool air on my face, the beautiful sparkle of the stars in the sky, and the little happy wag of Chloe’s tail whenever another fur friend rounded the corner.

      And I just breathed.

      What forms of self-care are on your resolution list this year? Inspired us by sharing in the comments!





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    Lori Allen

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