New  Year, New Perspective   

The holiday season for 2020 was full of surprises! Mollie and her family were all in quarantine the week before Christmas, having been exposed to COVID-19, which meant all of our pre-holiday celebrations had to be canceled. We have become very adept at pivoting this year; so that when the unexpected hit us, we were able to adapt and change with as little disappointment as possible. Like a majority of Americans, a lot of our gift-giving went through USPS and we crossed our fingers and prayed that presents made it under the tree before Christmas!

Fortunately, they all tested negative and we were able to squeeze in a very last minute, intimate, family get-together on Christmas Eve, where we celebrated Cory’s birthday. I was beyond thankful to watch him with his birthday candles; his COVID-19 battle this year was a very stressful and scary moment for us all.

I made it through the holiday season with tremendous gratitude that we are all safe and healthy, and that we are weathering the storm at Bridals by Lori. I count myself so lucky that, while we certainly have had to make some changes, we were able to keep all of our staff while keeping the salon doors open for our beautiful brides and bridal parties.

Things inevitably slow down during the holiday season, and it appears to be even slower this year because of the pandemic. But I think we are all seeing so much hope on the horizon as the COVID-19 vaccine has been slowly making its way to each of our communities.

I usually spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s reflecting on the current year while thinking about my resolutions and setting my goals for the coming year. I looked back at my resolution blog post from last year with a smile; I didn’t worry-less (my #1 resolution) during this global pandemic, but some of my other resolutions hit home. I made it a point to be kinder to myself when we were all struggling so, and I feel privileged to have helped support so many women during such a challenging year. We released my book Say Yes to What’s Next during such a terrifying time in our lives, and yet so many readers reached out to thank me for my words, for helping them get through some of those hard days. There were days when that feedback kept me going!

Lori Allen's son Cory celebrates his birthday on Christmas eve
Lori Allen at home with her resolutions list for 2021


So if I’ve learned anything from this global pandemic, and my breast cancer battle, it’s that setting strict goals and resolutions might not be possible in this climate. Why set me up for failure and disappointment when I know that so much is still out of my control? There’s no room for “best year ever!” rhetoric these days, that’s just setting ourselves up for a potential letdown. If you’re wary about resolutions this year, try something new for a change! Here’s my approach to ringing in the New Year:


  • While we can’t control our environment, we definitely can control our attitude. You have the choice to wake up in the morning and set the tone for every day. Decide the approach that works best for you!


  • Set goals without an “accomplished by” date, so that you take however long you need to complete them! Part of the issue with a goal and resolution setting is that many are so time-sensitive, that you feel bad about yourself if you don’t meet your goal date. Do any of these sound familiar? Lose 10 pounds by Valentine’s Day, travel to Italy in the Spring, learn how to master sourdough baking by the end of the month, etc. Setting goals that are more fluid will give you a sense of accomplishment and control, without the added pressure!


  • Be kinder to yourself – this was my resolution for 2020 and it’s an important one to continue into the New Year. Treat yourself with kindness, whether it’s the way you speak to yourself in the mirror each morning, or it’s taking time each day for a little self-care. Either way, now more than ever, we all deserve to treat ourselves with respect, care, and kindness. 

What are your intentions for the New Year? Share with us in the comments!

From my family to yours, best wishes for a very healthy and happy 2021.


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Lori Allen

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