Meaningful Memorial Day Celebrations   

Memorial Day weekend represents much more than just the official start of summer, and lately, I’ve been feeling like the true meaning of the day has gotten lost over the years.  We get bombarded with sales messaging from traditional media and social media, while many of us become preoccupied with what we’re going to BBQ and which new cocktail recipe we’re going to serve at our annual Memorial Day get-togethers.

Maybe it’s because this is the first Memorial Day we are celebrating as we slowly emerge from the nightmare of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I’ve been spending a lot of time just reflecting on our upcoming holiday weekend. I don’t know about y’all, but I want to create a more balanced, reflective celebration throughout the long holiday weekend.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until it’s officially Memorial Day, to start appreciating and remembering our armed forces. I like to start the weekend with gratitude and reflective prayer, commemorating the brave men and women who lost their lives fighting for our freedoms. Did you know that May is also Military Appreciation Month? Operation Gratitude is a wonderful campaign with lots of different ways for people to support our nation’s troops. You can visit their website here to find projects and activities in your area.

Lori Allen feels patriotic at her annual Memorial Day BBQ celebration
  • Mollie’s daughters are finally old enough to learn about some of the sacrifices our military has made for us.  While we aren’t planning any road trips this Memorial Day weekend, I will find some time to sit with Caroline and Charlotte and look through Arlington National Cemetery’s website. There’s even a section on prominent military figures, which is a great opportunity for a little impromptu history lesson.
  • There are also so many local Memorial Day Parades in towns and cities across the country, it bolsters our troops so much when we attend and show our support. I love seeing our nation’s Veterans waving the flag, wearing their medals and hats, and just enjoying the annual display of patriotism.  Because of COVID-19 restrictions, not every town will be holding its parade, but you can easily Google to find a parade or commemorative event near you.

    It wouldn’t be Memorial Day weekend without our annual BBQ and family get-together. Y’all know I’m not the biggest cook, but there are a few holiday staples that I love to make every year! In the morning, I’m serving a fun waffle breakfast charcuterie board and will have a glass of sweet tea and hummus and vegetable platter as an appetizer while Eddie, Cory, and Jason all switch off on the grill. I found this virgin mojito cocktail recipe on Pinterest that looks so refreshing, and I’ll be serving it with a side of watermelon, tomato and feta salad and some fried pickles with buttermilk ranch dressing. Every BBQ in our house always ends with some S’more’s and popsicles for the kids! It’s a delicious way to wrap up a fabulous, fun family holiday weekend.

    What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend? Share with us in the comments!

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