Lori’s Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Trends  


Happy Spring! It feels so good to be out and about again and enjoying the warmer weather we’ve been having in Atlanta. While watching the trends emerging from spring/summer 2022 fashion week, I imagined the quarantine lives of some of these designers. Stuck at home for months on end, these designers dreamed about life after the pandemic. They sketched and stitched, fantasizing about glamorous events and parties, evenings out at the clubs and outdoor festivals, weekends traveling abroad to live it up in Ibiza and the French Riviera. With an eye toward that coveted fabulous life outside of the home, they began planning the fashions for what will be the ultimate coming-out party. 

And they did not hold back! Ultra mini-skirts, backless tops, mesh dresses that leave very little to the imagination, low-slung waists, sheer everything, plus butterfly tops and cargo pants. It was bare midriffs and lots of skin strutting down the runway, and I know so many people in my age bracket must have watched the spring/summer 2022 runway wondering how this would translate to everyday fashion. Y’all know that I am 100% body positive, but I have not uncovered my midriff publicly since before bearing my two children, and that’s not a trend I’m interested in adopting any time soon. 

I was not ready to give up on some of the latest fashion designs though, and I was able to weed through some of these more revealing Fashion Week looks to find styles that will be suitable for your closets and wardrobe this season! Here’s a little taste of my favorite spring/summer fashion trends for 2022:


Black & White Stripes:

Several designers opted for black and white stripes this season, and it’s a style that’s making a huge comeback. Choose a thicker stripe for daywear while opting for thinner stripes when you want a casual, Sunday look. Dress up or down with the right footwear or go head to toe in a showstopping dress! 




Ralph Lauren black and white ballgown
Vince Camuto Flutter dress at Bloomgindales

Bold Prints:

We all know that neutrals have been put on the back burner this spring/summer and bright everything is in vogue. If there’s a time for bright frocks, ‘tis the season – like this beautiful flutter sleeve dress from Vince Camuto at Bloomgindales!

Three Dimensional Florals:

Designers have taken florals one step further and, instead of floral patterns, they’ve been opting for beautiful flower appliques on everything from dresses to shoes to handbags. This is something we often see on bridal gowns!  


3D flower bag from Kate Spade NY
White tailored suit from Anne Taylor


You know how I feel about tailoring, it’s essential when it comes to wedding gowns, and it’s just as essential for your everyday outfits. Sometimes we need to alter our clothing so that it fits our bodies perfectly, so I was excited to see that suiting is making a comeback. There is just something so classic about a white, tailored suit for women! It’s sophisticated and extremely feminine; shop this look at Ann Taylor.


Sequins, sparkling mesh, crystals, chainmail, and heavily embellished styles not to mention fringe! Some of these designs are like embellishing on steroids but I do think there’s a place for some sparkle in your wardrobe. Look towards adding in bolder accessories like sequin belts, fringe handbags, and sparkling pumps.


Manolo Blahnik crystal shoes from Nordstrom
Ancient Greek wraparound sandals in gold


I was really happy to see that some designers decided that there’s still a place for modest fashion even during our hottest seasons. With many highly sexualized designs, a handful of designers opted to go in another direction, creating feminine midi-length flounce wrap and pleated skirts with delicate, elegant tops for a more classic, understated look.

What do you think about the spring/summer 2022 fashion trends? Are you excited to update your wardrobe or reluctant to try something new? Share with us in the comments!


Till Next Time,

Lori Allen

Strap Accents:

Now, I do not think straps wound around my torso are a replacement for a proper top, but I do love straps for footwear, and gladiator sandals are a fabulous spring/summer wardrobe staple.

Belted pleated midi skirt from Ann Taylor

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