Lori’s Spring Cleaning Tips  

Spring is in the air and, like clockwork because I’m all about predictability, I am thinking about my closets. And my pantry, Eddie’s closet, the garage, and about the wonderful routine of spring cleaning. If you’ve been to Bridals by Lori or know me personally, you know how much I love to spring clean and do a big purge.

When Marie Kondo’s book came out a couple of years ago, I felt seen and validated. I 100% ascribe to her philosophy that if you don’t love it, and haven’t used or worn it in a year, then you just don’t need it. I might not go through all that ceremony when discarding it, but I do enjoy reflecting on how the item came into my life before letting it go.

I like to earmark my Wednesdays in March for sorting, dusting, decluttering, and deep cleaning. Y’all know I’ve got a system in place that works for me, that takes all the stress out of cleaning out and makes it enjoyable. Most people get overwhelmed by the thought of decluttering their spaces, not because of the sentimental feelings towards unnecessary items, but because they just don’t know where to begin!

Here are just a few of my spring cleanout tips that will help you get started:

Lori Allen spring cleaning her closets at home in Atlanta, GA
  • Create a plan – Before you even pick up a washcloth or open up that junk drawer, sit down and create a plan. I like to coordinate with the calendar so I know what I’m doing each day. Saving everything for one day or one weekend is just impossible, especially when there’s so much to do, but taking on small tasks each day will help keep you motivated. Buddy up with your partner or a friend to keep you accountable!
  • Box system – I set up three boxes in my house that are labeled “toss”, “gift”, and “store.”  I find that I store a lot of paperwork for tax purposes, which is an unfortunate necessity sometimes. I make sure to clearly label them and I check those dates each year and throw away bills and returns when the time is up.  A lot of people end up living with their donation box and it just becomes additional clutter. As part of my spring cleaning plan, I schedule drop-offs to our church to make sure those items go to people who could use and enjoy them.
  • Room by Room – Cleaning by room as opposed to categories works well for me, it feels satisfying knowing that I’ve checked an entire room off of my spring cleaning list. Some rooms, depending on size, might take more than one day and that’s okay! Break up the tasks per room, starting with sorting and organizing first, while leaving the scrubbing, vacuuming, and dusting for last.
  • Seasonal switch – Now’s the perfect time to make this seasonal switch in clothing, footwear, bags, and especially décor. I sort through all of my winter items and whatever survives the purge, I put away for next winter. I take all of our winter coats to the dry cleaners and pack away any gloves, scarves, and hats for next year. Now’s also a great time to think about the exterior and foundation of your homes. Clean out any of the gutters and the fireplace, clear through any weather-damaged foliage around the house, and prepare your gardens for spring planting. Your cars take a beating in the winter, now the time to bring them in to be checked, cleaned, and serviced.
  • Sentimental items – I have some cherished items that I keep in a  drawer in my nightstand; I keep little things that have touched me over the years, like notes, drawings, and some poems. I have mementos from Cory’s years playing baseball and some letters that Mollie wrote to me when she was a little girl. These sentimental items can accumulate over time so I limit them, even though some of these items are truly timeless. Cherished items are really difficult to part with, so I recommend going through them at least once a year. You might find you’re ready to let some of those items go and make room for new ones.

    Are y’all ready to start your spring cleaning? Share your methods, thoughts, or some words of encouragement with all of us in the comments!



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    Lori Allen

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