Lori’s #SelfCareSummer Tips   

How y’all doing? When was the last time you checked in with yourself? With the mercury soaring, things have been so hot here in Atlanta that it takes a lot of sweet tea and dips in the pool to cool things down. Thankfully,  this summer is looking a lot different than last year, when life was just so unpredictable and fraught with so much fear and uncertainty. With our COVID numbers on the decline and more people getting vaccinated, we are emerging from the dark tunnel and heading into the light of this new post-pandemic life.

We are so fortunate to be busier than ever at Bridals by Lori, and nothing makes me happier than spending my days outfitting brides and their bridal parties. While the trend of intimate affairs is not going anywhere any time soon, it brings me so much joy to see brides who delayed their weddings now able to go back to planning the wedding of their dreams. Because we are crazy busy at the salon, it’s become more important than ever for me to carve out out time for much-needed self-care.

I believe my breast cancer battle has put me in a better place to deal with post-pandemic life. I watch so many people around me jumping headfirst into life, trying to fit in everything they missed out on during constant quarantine; they had months to work on bucket lists and now they all just want to rush right into checking those items off.

Let’s all just take a breath. Now’s the time for us to process the past year and a half of our lives, and slow down. I’ve declared this summer as my #selfcaresummer and I encourage you to do the same. Take a minute to refresh, rejuvenate, reconnect, and rejoin life from a better place.

Lori Allen walking with Chloe near her home in Atlanta, GA
Lori Allen exercises at home
  • Refresh – Slow things down this summer! Don’t ignore the list of all the things you promised yourself you would do once the pandemic was over but prioritize and take the list at a slower pace. Make sure to build in whatever you need to process what you’ve just gone through, which was extremely traumatic. I like to start each day with my daily affirmations, exercise, and then a long walk with Chloe. Give yourself permission to slowly enter each day; try meditation and yoga or Pilates to help comfort your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Rejuvenate – Pamper yourself a little this summer, too. I make sure to schedule an extra facial or massage at the spa or take my granddaughters for mani-pedi appointments. Who doesn’t love a little foot massage and gossip session with their favorite girls? I also love to spend the summer wearing my wide-brimmed straw hat and tending to my garden. Seeing my beautiful summer flowers blooming when I pull up into my driveway after a long day at work immediately puts me at ease and helps me relax. We also spend a lot of time eating outdoors, and I love being able to put my feet up, drink a glass of chilled Rose, while Eddie mans the grill. 

  • Reconnect – This summer is the perfect time to reconnect with the people you love. I look forward to our annual summer family beach vacation when I put my phone on silent and immerse myself in the sun & surf. We take the days nice and slow, building in plenty of time to just enjoy each other’s company without any work distractions to take away from building such beautiful memories together. I fill my beach bag with a good book, my favorite Coola sunscreen, and plenty of healthy snacks & treats for the kids, and we just spend hours relaxing at the beach and having fun. Spend some time this summer reconnecting with the people who matter to you most!

  • Rejoin life – How you choose to rejoin life is entirely up to you, don’t let anyone push you into doing something you’re just not ready for yet! Maybe attending a summer festival with thousands of people is too much for you right now and that’s okay. Go slow. Meet a small group of friends out for dinner at your favorite restaurant, plan a day hiking in nature with some of your best friends, go on a date, or take a trip out of town to a new destination. There’s no right way to rejoin life, just make sure you treat yourself with a little grace and understanding and respect your limitations. You’ll get there eventually; it just might take you a little more time.

    What are your #Selfcaresummer plans? Will you be spending more one-on-one time or reconnecting with people that you love? Share with us in the comments!

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