Lori’s Holiday Gift Guide

I savor Christmas mornings surrounded by my family around our beautifully decorated tree. The time together is so special, and I simply adore watching the joy on everyone’s faces as they open up their presents. I take gift giving very seriously and I start way in advance to make sure that I’m getting gifts before they sell out! All kidding aside, giving my loved ones meaningful presents that I know they will appreciate and cherish brings me so much happiness. And as a Bella (my fun grandmother name), nothing warms my heart more than watching Caroline and Charlotte tear into the wrapping paper and jump around my living room with glee.

It’s not always so easy coming up with the right gifts for my parents, husband, and children, although I can always count on Mollie to drop a couple of hints (ahem, Chanel bag) right around Halloween. But holiday gifting can definitely be overwhelming even for someone as organized as me. With a gift list that rivals Santa’s, I methodically check things off while online shopping or schedule some extra time on Wednesdays when the store is closed to hit the stores or shop a sale! Y’all know I also have Monte at the top of my presents list!

It’s not just Christmas presents that I have on my gift list every year. My son Cory is also my Christmas baby, so I make sure to always get him an extra gift to celebrate his birthday. There’s no reason to shortchange him on a birthday gift just because he was born on Christmas Eve!  As my gift list this year grew, I added a little note to buy something special to commemorate Baby Jack’s very first Christmas.  

I’ve made my family swear they won’t read this blog post before Christmas morning, but I wanted to share with you some of the great presents I’ll be gifting my nearest and dearest this holiday season!

Roam Luggage

My parents are thinking about traveling a little more in 2020 and Roam luggage is the perfect gift for them. Customizable and available in four different sizes, Roam luggage is also crafted using lighter but stronger material which makes this a gift that will age well with my parents.  

Alexa compatible FitBit

Eddie has gone so far in his weight loss journey and I do everything I can to support and encourage him to lead a healthy lifestyle. The new Alexa compatible FitBit watch would absolutely make his day, especially as he walks his way towards his daily 10,000 step goal.


Jackie O. Creamer

I spend a lot of time on eBay looking for a unique Christmas present for Monte. Did you know that he is fascinated with Jackie O.? If you’re a fan of the show, this fact is not new to you. Fortunately for me, I was able to find this vintage creamer pitcher from the 1960’s with a photo of JFK and Jackie O. on the side. This will make a perfect addition to Monte’s Kennedy collection and I can’t wait to see his face when he opens this gift! 

Duke Cannon Gift Set

If you’re not from the South, you might not be familiar with Duke Cannon, but Atlanta is right in the middle of Duke Cannon Country and they make incredible products for men. For both Cory and Jason, I picked up a couple of gift packages full of premium grooming products that smell like fresh cut pine and Americana. 

Stila Cosmetics

Sometimes I have to get creative with gifts for Becca and Mollie, but this year it was a lot easier shopping for them both! I know Mollie will love Baubelbar’s ear cuffs and huggies and I bought her a couple of different sets as Stocking Stuffers. I also really liked the color palette behind Stila’s holiday collection, which I think Becca will enjoy. As a new Mom, she hasn’t had too much time to spend on pampering herself, so I also put together a little self-care basket full of Indie Lee products and Philosophy bubble bath. I love being able to pamper her myself!

Barbie Dreamhouse

Now I don’t usually give my Granddaughters a gift they have to share, but in addition to individual gifts for both Caroline and Charlotte, I also splurged on the new Barbie Dreamhouse. With eight rooms and more than 70+ accessories, they’ll spend hours playing together and having fun. Eddie will have his hands full putting this together, but I’m sure it will all be worth it when they see this gift on Christmas morning! 


Baby Jack is just starting to interact with toys, so I’m excited to introduce him to this musical soft and colorful learning toy from Lamaze. This Octotunes musical stuffed Octopus toy is highly rated and supports early child development. It will make tummy and mat time for Jack a lot more rhythmic and fun!  Since everyone in our family collects pieces of the Lenox nativity set, I decided to honor Baby Jack’s birth by gifting Becca and Cory with this beautiful stamped nativity ornament. This piece will be cherished for years to come. 


Susan Lanci Collar

Last but certainly not least is my sweetie baby Chloe who will be decked out in style this holiday season in a brand-new collar from Susan Lanci Designs. I love this Tinkies Garden collar in red, it gives her that perfect holiday sparkle.

So, there you have it, a sneak peek into my red velvet Santa bag full of gifts for my family. I’d love to give you a gift basket full of some of my favorite holiday gifts, worth up to $750! Enter my Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway today, and you could walk away a winner. Click this link and fill in your contact details to enter. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Tell Next Time, 

Lori Allen

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