Lori’s Favorite Tips for Enjoying the Beach  

We’re back from another incredible vacation at our beach condo in Florida. It was the perfect blend of sun, sand, and cherished moments spent with our loved ones. The highlights of our trip were the precious moments shared with my grandchildren and our dear family friends. We spent a glorious Fourth of July week celebrating with Mollie, Jason, the girls, and some of our close friends. We were blessed with perfect beach weather all week and spent our days digging our toes in the sand, riding the waves, and catching every single sunset.

Because all the men in our family love to fish, we took our boat out one day, and the boys managed to catch a ton of snapper. They were delicious in our fish fry dinner, and the boat is always a fun excursion for the kids. We captured countless photos of our beach adventures, freezing in time those precious moments that we will cherish for a lifetime.

Planning a beach day takes quite a bit of effort! As the host, you’ve got to take into consideration everyone and their own needs, according to their ages, which can be a real challenge! It’s not as simple as just saying “We’re spending the day at the beach!” You need to make sure you’re picking a beach with the right amenities, like restrooms and lifeguards, and ensure you bring plenty of fun stuff to keep the kids entertained. If you’ve ever spent a day at the beach with kids, you know that wave jumping, sandcastle building, and shell searching won’t occupy them for very long.

We’re lucky that the beach right behind our condo is really kid-friendly, and close enough to our place that we can always run back inside if we forgot or need anything. Since not everyone lives on the beach, I put together some essential tips for planning a beach day where everyone enjoys themselves and you get to relax, too.

Lori Allen and her daughter Mollie celebrate July 4th at her Florida beach condo
Mollie and Jason Surratt enjoy a beach vacation with Lori Allen


    1. Plan and pack ahead – Always check the weather forecast before you plan your beach day, and pack essential items such as sunscreen, hats, towels, beach toys, snacks, and plenty of drinks. Having everything prepared in advance will start your beach day off on the right foot!
    2. Choose the right beach – Be honest about your group’s needs and make sure you consider those preferences when selecting the right beach. Look for a beach with amenities like restrooms, lifeguards, and even picnic areas. If you have young children, try to find a beach with gentle waves and shallow shoreline.
    3. Find a comfortable spot – You know how in hotels; some people wake up super early just to snag those coveted lounge chairs at the pool? They’re not sitting there when you go to get your breakfast, but they’ve left towels and bags to hold their spot, which inevitably annoys most people. Like that experience, you want to make sure you find a good spot on the beach to set up your umbrella, chairs, and beach towels. Create a cozy and shaded area where you can relax and unwind but is close enough for you to keep an eye on the kids while they’re in the water.
    4. Bring beach games and toys – Encourage your family to build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, fly kites, and go for a swim. Pack beach-friendly games and toys like frisbees, beach balls, or paddle boards. These can provide hours of entertainment for the entire family!
    5. Stay hydrated – We often forget to drink when we’re spending the day in the water. Remember to take lots of breaks from the sun and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Enjoy snacks or a picnic together under some shade; I always make sure to pack two huge pitchers of fruit waters and lemonade and I never go home with any leftovers!
    6. First Aid Prep – For those beach days that include boat trips, make sure to have an extra umbrella or shade for those extra sunny spots. Don’t forget a small first aid kit, you’ll never know when someone needs it especially around bait and tackle.
    7. Capture the moments – Don’t forget to bring a camera or use your smartphone to capture the special moments spent at the beach!! It’s the perfect selfie backdrop and you’ll love looking back at these moments years later. I’m thrilled that we captured Jason in his hilarious July 4th outfit this year and look forward to laughing about it for years to come.
    8. Respect the environment – It’s an important life lesson to teach our children to respect their surroundings. We always make sure to throw out our trash properly and avoid disturbing the local wildlife. My granddaughter Caroline hopes to be a vet one day, and she has the sweetest heart, but when it comes to the environment, she’s a little General. She always makes sure that no one leaves anything behind that can hurt sea life.
    9. Relax and enjoy – This is by far the hardest part of hosting a beach day! Remember to relax and just enjoy the time with your family and loved ones. Soak up the sun, listen to the sound of the waves, dig into that summer beach read you’ve been waiting to lose yourself in, take a walk at sunset by the water, and just appreciate the quality time spent together in a beautiful setting.

    What are some of your favorite tips for planning a beach day? Share with us in the comments!



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