Lori’s Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Women 

Happy Holidays! I love this time of year; it is so magical and wonderful. December is chock full of blessings for our family: from my granddaughter Charlotte’s birthday to Cory and Becca’s anniversary, then we wrap everything up in a bow, starting with parties for my father’s birthday on December 22nd and Christmas Eve baby Cory before Christmas– and, not to mention, ringing in the New Year. It can be so exhausting! I know we say it’s 12 days of Christmas, but for me, it truly feels like the full 31 days are spent shopping, wrapping, planning, cooking, eating, and being merry. 


I’m not complaining! Y’all know that I’m more organized than Santa, and I’ve had my gift list checked and ready well before Thanksgiving. However, during all the frenzy, I really try to take time and slow down. I love sipping my coffee in the morning while admiring the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree or driving around the neighborhood at night with Eddie looking at decorations. It’s the little things that really make the holidays meaningful. 


Coordinating our family schedules with adult children is never easy. I know I’m not the only mother out there who has to move around our family get-togethers so that our children can also celebrate with their in-laws. A lot of families will switch off every year, spending Christmas Eve with one side and Christmas Day with the other. That only works when both families live close by, so I’m sending out some warm hugs to all those parents who are missing spending the holidays with their loved ones this year. 


We traditionally host a joint birthday/holiday party for the family on Christmas Eve, where we do our gift-giving and celebrations. And, instead of doing big gifts for our adult children, we give to our favorite non-profits instead and do fun stocking stuffers. Our stockings have been hung by the chimney with care and are bursting with little goodies for every member of my family. While I always love seeing my grandbabies’ faces as they see their gifts, I had the most fun with the stocking stuffers for Mollie and Becca. These tired young moms deserve some pampering!



Here’s a list of some of my fun and favorite stocking stuffers for women this year:  

Lori Allen's grandchildren tell their Christmas list to Santa
Lori Allen's home is ready for Christmas with stockings hanging by the fire
Lori Allen's puppy Chloe enjoys the Christmas lights!



    • Gel Mask for Relaxation – This gift comes in handy the morning after all those Champagne sips and eggnog toasts. This mask relaxes and helps with those puffy eyes, so you show up to Church services looking fresh and rested. 

    • Mini Travel Sound Machine – We’re a family that travels a lot, and this mini travel sound machine has been a lifesaver more than I can count. I know both Becca and Mollie will appreciate having this in their handbag the next time they’re away from home. 

    • Monogrammed Scarf – If you’ve met Mollie, then you’ll know how much she loves monogrammed everything. I like putting at least one personalized gift in their stockings, and this scarf is warm and chic and the perfect neutral pop for any outfit. 

    • Indie Lee Sleep Soak – I can’t rave enough about Indie Lee products, which have been my beauty staple ever since my breast cancer diagnosis. I use just one scoop of this Dead Sea and Himalayan salt mixture in my bath and it instantly relaxes me. Plus, my skin feels so soft afterward it makes it hard to get out of the tub! 

    • Birthstone Bracelet – This is another great personalized gift! I love that you can choose how many birthstones to add to each bracelet, and I chose one to honor each member of Becca and Mollie’s families. I find these personalized presents are so loved and appreciated! 

    • Devotional – I take my daily devotionals very seriously, but the holidays are also meant for a little levity. I like how this book leans on humor while also challenging us to lean in on our spirituality while searching for meaning in our daily lives. 

       What’s in your stockings this year?? Share with us your favorite stocking stuffer for women in the comments!

      From my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and our hope and prayers for Peace on Earth to all.

Till Next Time,

Lori Allen

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