Lori’s Favorite Summer Outdoor Activities

These past few months of home confinement has me yearning for the great outdoors. I’ve never been much for camping or hiking, but there is a fair share of outdoor activities that I look forward to as soon as the days get longer and the weather gets hotter. While so many of us in my age bracket are heeding the CDC’s advice and still keeping close to home, there’s no reason why we can’t embrace summer and still enjoy the outdoors!


Every year, I look forward to our annual family beach vacation. I pack up my beach reads and I spend an entire week disconnected from work, the internet, and my phone, and enjoy every minute with my family. I feel so privileged to be able to make so many precious memories with my kids and grandkids! Building sandcastles, looking for seashells, and digging for baby crabs on the shoreline, are moments that keep me going all year long.


You don’t need a family beach getaway to enjoy the outdoors this summer! Whether you’re still sheltering at home, or you’re able to incorporate some loved ones back into your life, here’s a list of some of my favorite outdoor summer activities:




  • Grilling & Eating Outdoors – Whether you have a permanent outdoor kitchen or you have a simple grill set up in your backyard, grilling and eating outdoors is the quintessential taste of summer. I love when Eddie grills steak, chicken or veggies for us. We enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine, and those long, lazy days of summer. 
  • Gardening – I cannot get enough of summer gardening! I’ve become the stereotypical Southern woman complete with floppy hat and gardening gloves, who spends the summer tending to my flower bed and all my spring planting. Check out this blog post with some of my favorite Southern gardening tips.

  • Lawn games – We like to take advantage of our beautiful yards and set up some lawn games to keep us active and entertained! Bocce ball, cornhole with your family, even giant games of connect four and chess/checkers are great activities to play with your spouse, friends, and your grandkids!
  • Walking Chloe – Now, yáll know that I walk Chloe twice a day no matter what season we’re in. But in the summertime especially, and when the weather is cooler so she doesn’t overheat, I really like to take Chloe for longer walks. I make sure to carry extra water so we both don’t dehydrate; I stick to shadier paths and I practice sun safety by wearing SPF 60+. I feed off of the summer energy in my neighborhood during these walks, I feel the slower tempo all around me and it helps me to just unwind, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment. 
  • Watching the sunset – When was the last time you made a conscious decision to just watch the sunset? We get so caught up in our day to day lives, that we forget to witness God’s beauty! In the summer, I like to relax on a lounge chair and just watch the sunset through the trees. When the sky turns those glorious shades of pastels, it makes me feel so happy and alive.

  • Tennis – There are so many great outdoor sports that can be played throughout the summer, but tennis is by far my favorite. I’m not very good at it, but I try! You can play one on one or you can double up with your partner and some friends. Tennis can be rough on the knees so it’s important that you play against someone at the same level, but it’s a great full-body aerobic exercise that allows you to absorb plenty of essential vitamin D while moving your body! Plus, with the court set up and the net, you’ll be able to play a game while keeping to the recommended social distance space.

Do you like to be active outside, or do you prefer lazy days at the pool? Share with us your favorite outdoor activities for summer in the comments!



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