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The autumn rain in Atlanta has not dampened my spirits for fall fashion, and I have been following along as designers showcase their spring/summer styles during Fall Fashion Week in New York and London. It’s so much fun to watch the models walk the runways and imagine how these outfits will be interpreted on the racks for the rest of us. I don’t know about y’all, but there’s an excitement for new clothes that many of us haven’t felt in quite some time. It’s so refreshing!  


But along with the excitement there comes disappointment when I see what some designers have created for women in my demographic. It’s such a misconception that women over the age of 50 are dowdy and frumpy, that we no longer care about style or fashion. We’re portrayed in the media as being matronly as soon as we hit a certain age, and I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. So many women over the age of 50 are actually the most confident when it comes to personal style. These women have spent years finding their style that by the time they hit 50, they know what suits them best. 

So, I say embrace what looks great on your bodies, ladies, and enjoy wearing clothing that makes you look and feel confident, secure, and fabulous. When it comes to trends this season, it’s no surprise that comfortable loungewear or athleisure is still popular, especially since many people are still working from home. People will be planning on really going all out this holiday season to make up for last year’s lockdown, which means that now’s the perfect time to think about your holiday wardrobe as well. 

Here are some of my fall fashion picks to get excited about this season!


Plaid Tailored Skirts:

The 1960s are making a fun, fashion comeback and it’s bringing back some great memories! I love that Mod style, especially patterned, tailored skirt suits that show off a bit of leg. This See by Chloe plaid tailored skirt from Saks Fifth Avenue is perfect for Fall; pair it with your favorite turtleneck and knee-high boots and you’re ready for the office or a fun, dinner out with friends. .


See by Chloe Plaid tailored skirt
Ann Taylor Loft ribbed pointelle sweater

Knit Sets:

This season, comfort is key, and we are replacing our loungewear with knit sweaters in neutral shades of cream, beige, pinks and brown. I love the soft feel of knitwear and, when fitted correctly, it can flatter your figure. I am loving this soft sweater from Ann Taylor Loft with the stylish pouf sleeve.

Jewel tones:

Enjoy your neutral knits but when it comes to cashmere sweaters, embrace gorgeous jewel tones. This stunning, plum crossover cashmere sweater from Bloomingdales is a wardrobe staple. From the beautiful color to the form-fitting, flattering fit, this sweater can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. I just might need all colors in this beauty!   


Jewel Tone Cashmere sweater from Bloomingdales
Faux pull on leather pants

Leather Pants: 

Faux leather has come a long way these days, especially when it comes to pants. Remember fake leather from the 1990s? The sound was like nails on a chalkboard whenever people walked past. These days, faux leather is buttery soft and smooth, and very stylish. I love these pull-on pants from Neiman Marcus – they’re skinny through the leg which gives off that tapered look. Pair with a white Oxford shirt and your favorite loafers for a trendy yet comfortable look. 


Animal Print Slippers:

When it comes to footwear, y’all know that I’m partial to my black pumps at the salon. But when I’m out for either a casual night with friends or running errands, I love these comfortable vegan Birdie loafers in cheetah. And there’s always a season for animal print!


Tahari wrap coat for Fall
Cheetah Slippers from Birdies

Belted Wrap Coat:

I’ve got a couple of trench coats that are timeless and classic for those rainy fall days when it’s not too cold yet; but for those crispy, fall cold days when the sun is shining and the sky is that beautiful, autumn blue, you’ll want the Marla belted wrap coat from Tahari. The mid-length silhouette and oversized shawl collar are so stylish, with the belt cinching at the waist to flatter your figure.

What’s in your online shopping cart that you’re excited about ordering this fall? Share with us your favorite fall fashion picks in the comments!

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