Free Willy


This week on episode three of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, we had a fun fashion show to look at all of this year’s trendy styles and colors. I love a good fashion show, and my amazing floor managers and staff were more than willing to play dress up and model some beautiful designs. Sheer is very hot this season, as is yellow for bridesmaids dresses. We are also all loving the three-in-one look, where brides can take off the overlay long skirt worn during the ceremony to reveal a shorter skirt that’s perfect for the party!  We had so much fun with all these new designs, but then it was time to get to work. Monte and I were back on the bridesmaids floor helping Ashlen navigate a groom’s wedding and a very particular bridesmaid, while we also worked with Robin to find the perfect wedding gown for our celebrity bride.

Justin & Bryant’s story: I just think everything is fantastic about Justin & Bryant’s love story, and their vision for their wedding is so classy. Lots of white and ivory flowers, traditional tuxedos, and all eleven members of their bridal party wearing various shades of champagne.  Initially, our interior designer grooms were okay with different styles and textures for the bridesmaids’ dresses,  but I set them straight and helped them realize that what looks good on a couch doesn’t necessarily belong on the bridal party. We settled fairly quickly on the same fabric and they both fell in love with the sweep, which is what I refer to different dress lengths in the order of short to long. But there’s always that one bridesmaid that just isn’t happy, and unfortunately for Justin & Bryant, their bridesmaid Kellie was having a very tough time finding the right dress. We provided her with so many gorgeous options that fit her body type, but she felt uncomfortable and unhappy with the fit on our first two picks. I think Kellie finally realized that sometimes you have to put your personal feelings aside and go with a flattering dress that will make the grooms happy, even if it might not be something you would normally wear. Kellie looked beautiful in the style we picked, and with some thought and the blessing of both Justin & Bryant, she finally said yes to her bridesmaid dress!

Brandi’s story: Our bride is no stranger to the red carpet, she’s a famous singer, actress, and celebrity. Brandi came wedding gown shopping with a clear budget, an idea of what she was looking for, and an entourage consisting of a personal stylist, her Uncle, and her sister. Troy,  her stylist, had a very clear vision for Brandi; he wanted to see her thinking out of the box to consider a romantic ballgown while Brandi’s sister wanted her to let it all hang out. Now, I’m all for flaunting whatever G-d has blessed you with, but when Brandi came out in a completely see-through dress, even her sister had trouble trying to figure out if free willy was on display! Our third dress was the clear winner; it was the perfect combination of sexy and elegance that left everyone speechless, except for Troy. Fortunately, Monte was on hand to jack Brandi up enough for Troy to shed a tear and agree that Brandi had found her dress.

Christy’s story: 7 years later, Christy is reunited with the Lazaro wedding gown that she bought before a heartbreaking breakup. It hung in her closet for years while Christy found her one true love but putting on her gown brought back some difficult memories. A lot has changed over the years, including the groom, but Christy was finally ready to attach some happy memories to her wedding gown. Liz, our alterations manager, worked some miracles and altered the gown to include a new corset look through the back. The result was just stunning lacework that complementing the overall style of the gown, and Christy married her prince charming in the most romantic setting: a castle in Scotland.

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