Lori’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m so blessed to be celebrating another Father’s Day with my 87-year-old Dad here in Atlanta. My parents live close by and while our state has eased up on some of the COIVD-19 restrictions, we’re still being extra cautious with my folks. So this year, I’m going to be delivering up a plateful of Father’s Day cheer and treating my parents to a celebratory meal at home. We’re going to bring in Father’s Day early on Saturday night with some sweet tea and their favorite dishes, which will also give me some time to prepare for our Sunday Father’s Day celebration with Eddie and the kids.

With the grandkids already on summer break, I’m excited about our Father’s Day craft project. We’re going to be creating a fun and simple Father’s Day card for Eddie, Jason, and Cory, and I’m just counting down the days until baby Jack can hold a crayon! I don’t mind any of the craft mess or some of the inevitable frustrations when the project doesn’t turn out how they’d hope, I love the time we spend together working on creating a gift from the heart for these amazing Dads. 

We’re going to be hosting a small, outdoor family cookout just with our immediate family, and Eddie is already excited to fire up the grill! We’re planning a delicious menu from this honey glazed baby back ribs with whiskey marinade to the easiest to make peach cobbler since it’s finally peaches season in Georgia. We spend a lot of time entertaining outdoors in the summer, and while we won’t be hosting big gatherings this year, we’re excited that we don’t have to miss spending Father’s Day together.

While I’m planning our Father’s Day get together, I’ve also been hard at work buying gifts.  Yáll know me, I never miss an opportunity to shop! If you’re looking for some gift inspiration, check out some of my favorite picks:

Gifts for my Dad and any Great-Grandpa:

  • Bluetooth Tracker & Finder – Who isn’t losing something at this age? To make sure that he doesn’t spend hours searching for his keys, I picked up a Bluetooth tracker and finder. It’s easy to attach to keys and is also water-resistant and super durable. I bought two so he can share one with my Mom too!
  • Masterclass SubscriptionI wanted to buy my Dad a gift that will help ease some of the quarantine loneliness, so I bought him a Masterclass subscription! I am beyond impressed with the array of topics available on Masterclass and taught by some of the leaders in every single industry. My Dad can choose from a Masterclass on film by Martin Scorsese, or a Country Music songwriting class with Reba McIntyre!

Gifts for Eddie and any other Grandparent in your life:

  • Noise cancelling headphones – Eddie is still working on his health and fitness journey so I decided to up his headphone game while he exercises at home. I’m only a little bit nervous that he’ll be using these noise-canceling in-ear headphones to tune me out!
  • Grilling Prep Trays –We love outdoor cooking, and while Eddie has pretty much everything he needs to grill, he can always use a couple more grill prep trays.  
  • Chile Lime Rub  – Williams Sonoma’s chile lime rub tastes so good on seasonal, fresh grilled veggies, it’s a must-have spice for Eddie!


Gifts for Jason and any Southern son-in-law:

  • Southern humor – My son-in-law has the greatest sense of humor, so I always like to get him a gift that’s also really fun. These Yáll socks and Southern trucker hats are so cute for summer, I’m pretty sure he’ll have a hard time keeping Mollie away from these hats!
  • Micro-brewed beer subscription box – I’m always a fan of a gift that keeps on giving, and themed subscription boxes are such an amazing invention. Look hard enough online and you’ll find the perfect subscription box for anyone based on their hobbies or interests. For Jason, I think he’ll really like this subscription box of micro-brewed beers from around the world! We might not be traveling that much these days, but at least we can have a taste of travel in a box.

Gifts for Cory’s first Father’s Day or anyone’s first Father’s Day:

  • Polaroid snap instant camera – I still can’t believe that my baby has a baby! But it’s Cory’s very first Father’s Day and I wanted to get him something to commemorate this moment. We love photos in our family and I know he will adore this Polaroid snap instant digital camera with printing technology. So he can easily convert those images into photos that can be framed and displayed at home.  !
  • First Father’s Day picture frame–I like themed gifts and this first Father’s day picture frame from Amazon is a wonderful way to capture and display these precious memories! Since we’ll be spending Father’s Day together, I’m looking forward to taking the photo of Cory and baby Jack that he’ll frame and remember forever. 


Gifts for Monte and all of the Godfathers:

  • We celebrate and honor all the fathers in our lives, and that includes our Godfathers! While Monte will be too far away physically to join us at our Father’s Day celebration, I made sure to send him a little something to let him know that we care.
  • Monogram socks – It is not easy to find a gift for Monte, especially when it comes to fashion! But when I saw this beautiful monogram sock box, I knew it was perfect for him. He loves monogramming just about everything! From socks to linens, I know Monte will appreciate this smart and elegant gift.
  • Victrola Bluetooth Stereo –You’d be surprised at how much of a gadget guy Monte is, so I always like to look around for a gift for his home that’s also high-tech and fabulous. This Victrola Bluetooth stereo in lambskin gray is so vintage and will look amazing in Monte’s home. He’ll get the sound of this century with that antique flair of yesteryear.

What gifts are you giving your loved ones this Father’s Day? Share with us in the comments!

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