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February is typically focused on romantic love, wouldn’t you agree? We spend the month before and after Valentine’s Day, thinking about ways to show our love and affection to our significant others. We take advantage of the month of love to plan romantic getaways, shower each other with flowers, chocolates, and meaningful gifts, and generally take the time to truly appreciate the relationship.

At this stage of my life, I love to extend my affection beyond Eddie. My kids get special little gifts this month and I adore the opportunity to shower my grandchildren with extra kisses, presents, and affection. Y’all know that I don’t forget Chloe either, and she gets plenty of pup cups and treats throughout the month as well. Truth be told, it’s not the gifts that matter this month; but rather it’s making the effort to spend time together, to show how grateful we are to share our lives.

Galentine’s day was created, I was so excited; what a wonderful way for people to also focus on the love we have for our friends. It is so meaningful and creates a place this month for people who aren’t in romantic relationships to also feel that warmth and connection. I know for those who are navigating this world newly single, especially after losing a long-time love, that Galentine’s day fills that loneliness a bit and takes away some of the sadness felt during the romantic holiday season.

Lori Allen at home on Valentine's Day
  • While we spend so much time in February focusing on our love for other people, what about the need for some self-love? When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you like what you see? What about the way you talk to yourself? Do you treat yourself with grace and kindness?

    Practicing self-love and self-care is an essential part of life and should be a priority, but it is not so easy to do. We are almost programmed to be critical of ourselves, especially as women who are told that we should have it all. We spend so much time focusing on the things we haven’t done – the marathon we didn’t run, the weight we haven’t lost, the career we didn’t have, the trips we didn’t take – instead of focusing on our incredible accomplishments.

    At the end of the day, the most important relationship you’ll ever have in life is with yourself. And you already deserve self-love, just the way you are.

    Here are some tips to get you started!

    • Be your own cheerleader – Don’t rely on other people to build you up – you need to build yourself up! I want you to applaud yourself for everything you’ve done to get yourself this far in life, instead of punishing yourself for the things you haven’t accomplished. Stand in front of that bathroom mirror in the morning and list at least 3 things that you’ve done that you’re so proud of. Make this a daily habit and you will start seeing an improvement in your mood and attitude!
    • Acknowledge your worth – There are so many ways to focus on your worth, but it is so essential for you to feel that you are deserving. This might mean spending money on yourself – buy that dress that makes you feel gorgeous or invest in a new hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful – or it could mean taking a mental health day, asking for that well-deserved raise, even increasing your rates with your clients. Either way, it’s showing yourself that you matter.
    • Learn to say no – I know this one is so hard to do, especially if you have one of those personalities where you don’t ever want to feel like you are letting other people down. But I’m here to tell you that you can – and you should – feel comfortable saying no. It’s okay to not be available if it doesn’t work for you.
    • Forgive yourself – We are not perfect, and we are going to do things that we regret during our lifetime. But punishing yourself for those regrets doesn’t do anything but weigh you down and make you feel bad. My faith has taught me the importance of forgiving others, but it has also shown me the importance of forgiving myself. It’s okay to move on, no matter what you’ve done.


    How do you practice self-love? Share with us your tips in the comments

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