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I’ve been thinking a lot about fall fashion since last winter, when all the high-end fashion brands paraded their frocks down runways in New York, London, Paris and Milan. Between you and me, some of those looks should remain on the runway alone; I’m not a fan of punk and new wave designs making a comeback. Dog collars and spikes do not have a place in my closet, but there were definitely some style picks that I can find a place for in my wardrobe.  

Country tweeds and Old Hollywood glam circa 1970’s romantic dresses, tapered silhouettes and checked pencil skirts plus bow blouses, pleated skirts and suit jacket.  If you’ve watched my show, you know how much I adore tailored suits!

While there might be some places appropriate for thigh high slits and plunging necklines, most of us women are just not wearing haute couture to office meetings.  Fortunately for us, today’s designers are able to adapt color, patterns, textures and textile trends from Fashion Week into wearable pieces for today’s women.

We might pour through the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue for style ideas, but what we shop for off the racks are much more lifestyle and budget friendly.  With that in mind, here are some of my favorite must-have pieces and looks for Fall 2019!

Trench Coats – There’s no denying it that the classic, belted trench coat is a timeless garment that won’t ever go out of style.  This fall, there are lots of exciting takes on this classic style: plaid, alpaca wool, ruffle and denim. But my personal favorite is the camel colored suede trench. You can dress it down paired with skinny jeans and a light sweater, or up over a little black dress for a cocktail party. Don’t be surprised when your daughter steals it out of your closet!

Pleated skirts – I love, love, love a feminine knee length pleated skirt, and I’m thrilled that this style is going to be everywhere this fall. It’s figure friendly and flattering, and perfect in both light and heavier fabrics. Pair your French Country tweed pleated skirt with knee-high flat leather boots for a confident, casual look.

Cubic Top-Handle Bags – This fall, our bags will be carrying a bag, they’ll be two-toned, textured and laced with chains. You’ll find yourself stroking your comfy and cozy faux-fur purses from Chanel, or your colorful snakeskin purse from Kate Spade! But from all of the handbag trends for fall, I am most excited about the cubic top-handle bag. Its three dimensional shape takes me back to 1960’s glamour, which you can now buy without the vintage price tag.

Quilted Patchwork Styles – I was skeptical at first about this look; some of the runway styles seemed a little clunky and over the top. The fear is that we’ll look like we just draped ourselves in Grandma’s couch blanket; but with the right amount of tailoring and accessorizing, this can be a colorful, bold look for fall.

Statement Hats – Ladies, fancy hats are not just for Church anymore! I’m thrilled that the statement hat is back in fashion, and in so many great designs and fabrics.  You’ll want to pair your bucket hat with a cubic top-handle bag for a classic, glam look.

Asymmetrical Necklines – I love the edgy elegance that an asymmetrical neckline brings to dresses, blouses and even t-shirts, so I’m excited to see this style in stores. But this look can be trick; you’ll have to know which type of asymmetrical necklines works best for each body shape. Not sure what your body shape is? Our body shapes change as we age and while you might have had an hourglass figure in your 20’s, you can definitely be pear shape now! I’ll be writing a blog post soon about each of the four main body shapes so make sure you bookmark my website.

I want to hear from y’all! Whether you’re planning on sticking to your personal style that hasn’t changed in decades, or you’re hoping to update your wardrobe this fall, tell us your favorite fall fashion picks in the comments.


Fall 2019 Fashion Trends

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Fall Fashion Trends 2019

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